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The Library currently has 397 resources listed in its catalogue. You can browse through the catalogue here.

There's a problem with one of the cloud hosters right now who un-published several links to documents. We are working on fixing the issue, but it's a lot of work, basically rebuilding everything. Please have patience.

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Entry TitleTitleSubtitleSeriesYearVersion IssueAuthor(s)Document TypeLanguageKeywordsFiletype
The Discordianist Manifesto 2The Discordianist Manifesto 2Only You Can Decide How What You'll Do When You're Where You Can For Why - or - Another Uninformative Tract Written By A Pope What Don't Know Jack About Nothin'the_discordianist_manifesto31872.02professor_bumble-fuck_the_tiredbookenpdf
Intermittens 11 - Post-Truth (epub)IntermittensVolume 11: Post-Truthintermittens318711magazine, periodicalenintermittens_xi, imxiepub
Intermittens 11 - Post-Truth (Kindle)IntermittensVolume 11: Post-Truthintermittens3187Kindle (azw3)11magazine, periodicalenintermittens_xi, imxiazw3
Intermittens 11 - Post-Truth (PDF)IntermittensVolume 11: Post-Truthintermittens3187PDF11magazine, periodicalenintermittens_xi, imxipdf
Intermittens 11 - Post-Truth (PDF b/w)IntermittensVolume 11: Post-Truthintermittens3187PDF b/w11magazine, periodicalenintermittens_xi, imxipdf
Intermittens 11 - Post-Truth (PDF Letter)IntermittensVolume 11: Post-Truthintermittens3187PDF U.S. Letter11magazine, periodicalenintermittens_xi, imxipdf
Intermittens 10 - MeatspaceIntermittensMeatspaceintermittens10magazine, periodicalenpdf
Intermittens 1.23Intermittensintermittens1.23magazine, periodicalenpdf
Intermittens 1.23 hiResIntermittensintermittenshiRes1.23magazine, periodicalenpdf
Eriswerks Newsletter 1 July 98Eriswerks Newslettereriswerks_newsletter19981 (July 98)newsletter, periodicalenpdf
Discordia Brasilis Nr.1Discordia BrasilisUn mosaico de visiumbresdiscordia_brasilis20081ptpdf
The Discordianist ManifestoThe Discordianist ManifestoOf All the Filthy Lies, These Are the Filthiest Because They’re Absolutely Opinions, More or Less, All Things Inconsiderately Considered, For Ever and Ever, Awomen, Praise Be to Hallelujah, with Condescendingly Explanatory Footnotes by THE AUTHOR, Who Selflessly Composed These Conditional Truths in Some Kind of One-Man Circle-Jerk, so If That Hasn’t Turned You Off Already, then Avert Thine Eyes and Read On - or - Dis Will Zur Macht, Yothe_discordianist_manifesto31851.01professor_bumble-fuck_the_tiredbookentdmpdf
Disco Rd 1Disco Rddisco_rd1leigh_wrightmagazine, periodicalenpdf
Erisian 00002ErisianIs it really a "hostile takeover" if noone is alive to be hostive towards you?erisian_magazine318700002magazine, periodicalenpdf
Erisian 00001ErisianFor the prettiest one.erisian_magazine318600001magazine, periodicalenpdf
Wired Tales #2Wired Taleswired_tales3184#2roldo_odlorcomic, comic_bookenpdf
Wired Tales #1Wired Taleswired_tales3184#1roldo_odlorcomic, comic_bookenpdf
Disco Direct #00001Disco DirectThe Rise of Remulus the Magnificentdisco_direct3189#00001remulus_iii, cpt._bucky_saia, azu_d._stalin, kaliyath, bwana_honolulu, rosa_luna_erisiel, balthazaar_523, zlaxmagazine, periodicalenpdf
Something I Eight?Something I Eight?bernard_kingtreatment, essay, monospace_textentxt
The Cardinal Rites of ChaosThe Cardinal Rites of Chaos3150paula_paganibook, bookletenmagick, seasons, circle_of_chaostxt
Passierschein A38Antragsformular für den Passierschein A34nach Rundschreiben B64 der Bundesbehörde für Rautavistik2018sebastian_morrformdeasterixpdf
SerapenSerapenDiscordische Müthologie - Diktat der Göttin3184cpt._bucky_saiabook, booklet, flyer, pamphletdeflying_ape, flying_monkey, ormek, billbob, billbob_cipherpantspdf
RAW Primer (epub)The Anarchist’s Library - Robert Anton Wilson Primerrobert_anton_wilson, robert_sheabookenrobert_anton_wilson, rawepub
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