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The Library currently has 332 resources listed in its catalogue. You can browse through the catalogue here.

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Entry TitleTitleSubtitleSeriesYearVersionIssueAuthor(s)Document TypeLanguageKeywords Filetype
Become A Missing Personbecome a missing personuniversity_of_dayton2008flyerenpdf
Breathing Manuallybreathing manuallyuniversity_of_dayton2008flyerenpdf
Consumption Is DemocraticConsumption is democraticcorporations_as_legal_persons2010ucomsdaflyerenpdf
Discocards allDiscocards allenpdf
Discordian DevivalDiscordian Devivalcorporations_as_legal_persons2011ucomsdaflyerenpdf
Discordianism BrochureDiscordianism Brochure2005quincebrochure_flyerenpdf
End DiscriminationEnd discriminationDiversity makes us strongercorporations_as_legal_persons2011ucomsdaflyerenpdf
End Minority OppressionEnd minority oppressioncorporations_as_legal_persons2010ucomsdaflyerenpdf
last wordslast wordsenpdf
Letter to the CabbagesLetter to the Cabbagesenpdf
Om-Nom-Nomicon-July-2010Om Nom Nomiconenpdf
Pirate Pass-Off for Avery Business CardsPirate Pass-Off for Avery Business Cardsenpdf
PosterGASM Free JobPosterGASM Free Jobpostergasmenpdf
PosterGASM Ignite YourselfPosterGASM Ignite Yourselfpostergasmenpdf
PosterGASM Paid AssistantPosterGASM Paid Assistantpostergasmenpdf
PosterGASM UFO SightingPosterGASM UFO Sightingpostergasmenpdf
Principia Discordia 5th Edition Spiral CoverPrincipia Discordia 5th Editionenpdf
Printable Facebook-Like-StickersPrintable Facebook-Like-Stickersenpdf
rules not for yourules not for youenpdf
Swine FluSwine Fluenpdf
The Book of Chaos and it's VirtueThe Book of Chaos and it's Virtueenpdf
The Zenarchist's CookbookThe Zenarchist's Cookbookenpdf
The Prophets of the Main WayThe Prophets of the Main Wayenpdf
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