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About the D.I.S.L.I.B.

The D.I.S.L.I.B. is the Discordian Internet Society's Library of Interesting Books. Or maybe “DISLIB” is just short for Discordian Library. Who knows?

It is a collection of all kinds of stuff, may they be discordian, discordian-related or just interesting for chaotic scholars and followers of other silly cults. We hope that all the collected stuff we are offering is free. In case it isn't, and especially if it is your un-free stuff we are offering *gulp* illegaly here, just tell us (as soon as the corresponding forms are ready), and we take it down.

As you might have guessed from the logo - a winged St. Gulik that has been shamelessly adapted to a pseudo-retro-egyptian style - we have been inspired by the ancient Library of Alexandria. Also, by the Bibliotheca Anonoma project, the Discordian Archives, El Sjaako's Erisian Library at and the Discordian Online Library of the​ M'.'M'.'M'.'​​​, which also provided the base for our current stock. Also also, while we're at it, we would advise you to have a look at another great collection of Discordian works, The Great Library of Eris.

Speaking of “we” all the time, you might wonder who we are. Maybe you don't. We tell you anyway. Currently, there's three of us: Abbot Ron Oxymo, head of the Ordo Dea Discordia, His Quasaric Sphericity the Bwana Honolulu, head of Zimmer523, the German Discordian AnArchive, and Alana, head of her body. But we are open for applications.

Also, submissions. Are you missing some important work? Maybe your own? Give us a hint (again, as soon as the corresponding forms are ready).

One last thing: While the database - the collection of metadata and links making up this website - is under a CC license, all individual resources - that is, the works themselves, all the electronic book, pamphlets and other documents - are under their individual licenses, whatever those licenses may be. For this reason, the resources are being hosted externally, either on shared/cloud storage (Telekom (Magenta Cloud), Mega and Google Drive), or on the individual servers of their content creators.

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