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The Library currently has 456 resources listed in its catalogue. You can browse through the catalogue here.

There's a problem with one of the cloud hosters right now who un-published several links to documents. We are working on fixing the issue, but it's a lot of work, basically rebuilding everything. Please have patience.

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Entry TitleTitleSubtitleSeriesYearVersionIssueAuthor(s)Document TypeLanguageKeywordsFiletype
Alchemy of the Pineal GlandAlchemy of the Pineal Gland3175james_portocarrero, tristanbookenpdf
An Interview with Joel Biroco (Liber Sigillum Excerpt)Frater E.S. Interviews Joel BirocoAn Excerpt from Liber Sigillumdkmu, a.a.o, liber_sigillum3178frater_e.s, a.a.obooklet, interview, excerptenmagick, chaos_magick, khaos_magick, occultpdf
Apocalypse: A Trade Journal For Doom ProphetsApocalypseA Trade Journal For Doom Prophets1960Final IssueMalaclypse The Younger, Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurstmagazine, periodicalenpdf
Apocrypha Discordia (whith cover)Apocrypha Discordia20022nd Editionthe_rev_drjon_swabey, pope_phil_wlodarczyk_iii, othersbookenpdf
Apocrypha Discordia (whithout cover)Apocrypha Discordia20022nd Editionthe_rev_drjon_swabey, pope_phil_wlodarczyk_iii, othersbookenpdf
Apokalypse des Outis So-Tsi Gemsirt des UnschlüssigenApokalypse des Outis So-Tsi Gemsirt des UnschlüssigenÜber das Ende der Zeiten und die Zeit des Endes, wie es gewiss schon bald geschehen wirdkgk3186outis_so-tsi_gemsirt_der_unschluessigebookdepdf
Apokalypse des Scipio HaereticusApokalypse des Scipio HaereticusEine Gegendarstellung zur lächerlichen Widerlichkeit aus der Feder des falschen Propheten und tragischen Irren Outis So-Tsi Gemsirtkgk3187scipio_haereticusbookdepdf
Apotheosis PsycheroticaApotheosis Psycheroticaor How Not to Build a Cult2006the_other_anonymousbookenpdf
Application for DISCORDIAN SOCIETY MembershipApplication For MembershipIn the Erisian Movement of the DISCORDIAN SOCIETYrev_mungoflyer, application, formenpdf
Application to Become the One True GodApplication to Become the One True Godrobert_jackson, f.u.h.c.umonospace_text, application, formentxt
Are You Bored?Operation Brownie Pockets (lite)Are You Bored?operation_brownie_pockets1.0fsof_cabalpamphlet, bookletenpdf
Are You Bored? (1.5)Operation Brownie Pockets (lite)Are You Bored?operation_brownie_pockets1.5fsof_cabalpamphlet, bookletenpdf
Artikel Jam the WLANJam the WLANpierre_kroma, sebastian_schreibermanualdehack, hacking, wifipdf
AtomstromMit Atomstrom in eine strahlende Zukunftcpt._bucky_saiaflyerdepdf
Bavarian Illuminati LetterheadBavarian Illuminati Letterheadtemplate, document, formenilluminatipdf
Bavarian Illuminati Letterhead (docx)Bavarian Illuminati Letterheadtemplate, document, formenilluminatidocx
Become A Missing Personbecome a missing personuniversity_of_dayton2008flyerenpdf
Beyond ResistanceBeyond Resistancea revolutionary manifesto2006Fifth Editionbookenpdf
Biblio DiscordiaBiblio Discordia2009Open Editionbookenpdf
Black Iron Prison - LetterThe Black Iron PrisonDiscordia Revisedothersbookletenpdf
Black Iron Prison 2013The Black Iron PrisonCommon Walls2013bookenpdf
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