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Welcome To The Discordian Library

The Library currently has 397 resources listed in its catalogue. You can browse through the catalogue here.

There's a problem with one of the cloud hosters right now who un-published several links to documents. We are working on fixing the issue, but it's a lot of work, basically rebuilding everything. Please have patience.

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Entry TitleTitleSubtitleSeriesYearVersionIssueAuthor(s)Document TypeLanguageKeywordsFiletype
Apokalypse des Outis So-Tsi Gemsirt des UnschlüssigenApokalypse des Outis So-Tsi Gemsirt des UnschlüssigenÜber das Ende der Zeiten und die Zeit des Endes, wie es gewiss schon bald geschehen wirdkgk3186outis_so-tsi_gemsirt_der_unschluessigebookdepdf
Apokalypse des Scipio HaereticusApokalypse des Scipio HaereticusEine Gegendarstellung zur lächerlichen Widerlichkeit aus der Feder des falschen Propheten und tragischen Irren Outis So-Tsi Gemsirtkgk3187scipio_haereticusbookdepdf
Apotheosis PsycheroticaApotheosis Psycheroticaor How Not to Build a Cult2006the_other_anonymousbookenpdf
Application for DISCORDIAN SOCIETY MembershipApplication For MembershipIn the Erisian Movement of the DISCORDIAN SOCIETYrev_mungoflyer, application, formenpdf
Application to Become the One True GodApplication to Become the One True Godrobert_jackson, f.u.h.c.umonospace_text, application, formentxt
Are You Bored?Operation Brownie Pockets (lite)Are You Bored?operation_brownie_pockets1.0fsof_cabalpamphlet, bookletenpdf
Are You Bored? (1.5)Operation Brownie Pockets (lite)Are You Bored?operation_brownie_pockets1.5fsof_cabalpamphlet, bookletenpdf
Artikel Jam the WLANJam the WLANpierre_kroma, sebastian_schreibermanualdehack, hacking, wifipdf
AtomstromMit Atomstrom in eine strahlende Zukunftcpt._bucky_saiaflyerdepdf
Bavarian Illuminati LetterheadBavarian Illuminati Letterheadtemplate, document, formenilluminatipdf
Bavarian Illuminati Letterhead (docx)Bavarian Illuminati Letterheadtemplate, document, formenilluminatidocx
Become A Missing Personbecome a missing personuniversity_of_dayton2008flyerenpdf
Beyond ResistanceBeyond Resistancea revolutionary manifesto2006Fifth Editionbookenpdf
Biblio DiscordiaBiblio Discordia2009Open Editionbookenpdf
Black Iron Prison - LetterThe Black Iron PrisonDiscordia Revisedothersbookletenpdf
Black Iron Prison 2013The Black Iron PrisonCommon Walls2013bookenpdf
Black Iron Prison Booklet 2.0The Black Iron PrisonDiscordia Revisedothersbookendoc
Black Iron Prison FrenchBlack Iron Prison Frenchspartakus_freemann, melmothiabookfrpdf
Black Iron Prison July2007Black Iron Prison July2007a project in motion2007bookenpdf
Black Iron Prison July2007 (epub)Black Iron Prison July2007a project in motion2007bookenepub
Black Iron Prison July2007 (mobi)Black Iron Prison July2007a project in motion2007bookenmobi
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