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Entry TitleTitleSubtitleSeriesYearVersionIssueAuthor(s)Document TypeLanguageKeywordsFiletype
Death By LaughterDeath By Laughterenpdf
Der Geheimdienst - Erste reale Darstellung des KakerlakenimperiumsDer Geheimdienst - Erste reale Darstellung des Kakerlakenimperiumsplakatino_jawadepdf
Die Drei Eristischen OffenbarungenDie Drei Eristischen Offenbarungendepdf
DisCalDiscordian Calendarenpng
Discocards allDiscocards allenpdf
Discordia Brasilis Nr.1Discordia Brasilis Nr.1ptpdf
Discordia Brasilis Nr.2Discordia Brasilis Nr.2ptpdf
Discordia GameDisCoRdIa!A Little Game about a Lot of Chaosenpdf
Discordia! - A Little Game about a Lot of ChaosDiscordia!A Little Game about a Lot of Chaos2005First Draftreverend_john_wick, the_most_holy_aaron_acevedo, annie_rushbook, gameengamepdf
Discordian Calendar for 03182: A Lack of DragonsDiscordian Calendar for 03182A Lack of Dragonsdiscordian_calendar3181A Lack of Dragonsthe_other_anonymouscalendarenpdf
Discordian Calendar for 03182: Eris and AliDiscordian Calendar for 03182Eris and Alidiscordian_calendar3181Eris and Alithe_other_anonymouscalendarenpdf
Discordian Calendar for 03182: The Sine of Eris and AliDiscordian Calendar for 03182The Sine of Eris and Alidiscordian_calendar3181The Sine of Eris and Alithe_other_anonymouscalendarenpdf
Discordian Code v1.3Discordian Code v1.3enhtml
Discordian Coloring BookDiscordian Coloring Bookenpdf
Discordian DevivalDiscordian Devivalcorporations_as_legal_persons2011ucomsdaflyerenpdf
Discordian Meme-Bomb-PostersDiscordian Meme-Bomb-Posters2011collection, flyerenpdf
Discordian Postergasm - I Watch You-at NightDiscordian Postergasm - I Watch You-at Nightpostergasmenpdf
Discordian Postergasm - Shatner DoomDiscordian Postergasm - Shatner Doompostergasmenpdf
Discordian Rooms - full compressedDiscordian Rooms - full compressedenpdf
Discordian WeddingDiscordian Weddingenpdf
Discordianism BrochureDiscordianism Brochure2005quincebrochure_flyerenpdf
Diskordianischer KalenderDiskordianischer Kalender2012ron_oxymomonospace_textdekalender, calendartxt
Diskordianismus - Übersicht 4Diskordianismus - Übersicht 4dejpg
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