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Welcome To The Discordian Library

The Library currently has 397 resources listed in its catalogue. You can browse through the catalogue here.

There's a problem with one of the cloud hosters right now who un-published several links to documents. We are working on fixing the issue, but it's a lot of work, basically rebuilding everything. Please have patience.

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Entry TitleTitleSubtitleSeriesYearVersionIssueAuthor(s)Document TypeLanguageKeywordsFiletype
Cabala POEECabala POEECaosoismo - O Que Fazer Quando Não Se Sabe As Respostasdark_nightbookptpdf
Catch 'Em All!Soul ContractTransfer of Ownershipfsof_cabalcontract, documentensoul, unholypdf
Chao Te ChingChao Te Ching2011lmno, prof._cramulusbookentao, daopdf
Chao Te Ching (Manuscript)Chao The ChingManuscriptbookenpdf
Classicos de RondaviraClassicos de Rondaviragizmobookptpdf
Codex AsteroideaCodex Asteroideanede_e_lym_von_lengbookdestarfish_cultpdf
Condensed ChaosCondensed Chaos1992, 19971.2phil_hinebookenchaos_magickpdf
Condensed Chaos (txt)Condensed Chaosphil_hinebookenchaos_magicktxt
Constructive Utopism V1.2 (lofi pics)Constructive Utopism2007V1.2falk_jbookde, enzip, htm
Consumption Is DemocraticConsumption is democraticcorporations_as_legal_persons2010ucomsdaflyer, posterenpdf
Cuil Theory PosterCuil Theory Posterposter, flyerenabstractionpng
Dada Sheet 1Untel BBL665 Multi-purpose Frobnosticatordada_sheet3160data_sheet, posterenpdf
Dada Sheet 2Imtal QPQ High-Performance Grunderloomdada_sheet3167data_sheet, posterenpdf
Das Handbuch der Legion Discordia-V-1Das Handbuch der Legion DiscordiaV-1legion_discordiabook, bookletdepdf
Death By LaughterDeath By Laughtertreatment, flyerensaintspdf
Der Geheimdienst - Erste reale Darstellung des KakerlakenimperiumsDer GeheimdienstErste reale Darstellung des Kakerlakenimperiums2003plakatino_jawabook, pamphletdeconspiracy_theorypdf
Der bannende ChaosapfelDer bannende Chaosapfelpamphlet, instructionsdecwc, candywitch_covenpdf
Die Drei Eristischen OffenbarungenDie Drei Eristischen Offenbarungencpt._bucky_saiabook, booklet, pamphletdevision, revelation, epiphanypdf
DisCalPerpetual Date Converter From Gregorian To POEE Calendarcalendar, imageenpng
Disco Direct #00001Disco DirectThe Rise of Remulus the Magnificentdisco_direct3189#00001remulus_iii, cpt._bucky_saia, azu_d._stalin, kaliyath, bwana_honolulu, rosa_luna_erisiel, balthazaar_523, zlaxmagazine, periodicalenpdf
Disco Rd 1Disco Rddisco_rd1leigh_wrightmagazine, periodicalenpdf
Disco Rd 2Disco Rddisco_rd2leigh_wrightmagazine, periodicalenpdf
Discordia Brasilis Nr.1Discordia BrasilisUn mosaico de visiumbresdiscordia_brasilis20081ptpdf
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