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The Library currently has 332 resources listed in its catalogue. You can browse through the catalogue here.

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Entry TitleTitleSubtitleSeriesYearVersionIssue Author(s)Document TypeLanguageKeywordsFiletype
The Prophets of the Main WayThe Prophets of the Main Wayenpdf
There Is No Discordian SocietyThere Is No Discordian Societyenpdf
two mindfraxtwo mindfraxenpdf
What is FnordWhat is Fnordentxt
23 Things to Amuse Yourself While You Wait23 Things to Amuse Yourself While You Waitpamphletenevangelismpdf
A Discordian WeddingA Discordian Weddingenrites_and_ritualspdf
APPD Berlin Wahlprogramm 2011APPD Berlin Wahlprogramm 2011depdf
Artikel Jam the WLANJam the WLANdepdf
AtomstromMit Atomstrom in eine strahlende Zukunftdepdf
Bavarian Illuminati LetterheadBavarian Illuminati Letterheadenilluminatipdf
Beyond ResistanceBeyond Resistancea revolutionary manifesto2006Fifth Editionenpdf
Biblio DiscordiaBiblio Discordia2009Open Editionbookenpdf
Black Iron Prison July2007Black Iron Prison July2007enpdf
Black Iron Prison July2007 bookletThe Black Iron Prisona project in motion2007bookletenpdf
The grate book of MOOThe grate book of MOOenpdf
The grate book of MOO TXTThe grate book of MOOentxt
Classicos de RondaviraClassicos de Rondaviraptpdf
cryptoparty handbook 2013-08-21cryptoparty handbook 2013-08-212013enpdf
cuiltheory final zoomcuiltheory final zoomenpng
Black Iron Prison 2013The Black Iron PrisonCommon Walls2013bookenpdf
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