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Entry TitleTitle SubtitleSeriesYearVersionIssueAuthor(s)Document TypeLanguageKeywordsFiletype
Gefangen in der Welt der ZeichenGefangen in der Welt der ZeichenÜber Kommunikations- guerilla und andere Versuche ‚dem System‘ zu entkommen Eine Untersuchung zur Illuminatus!- und zur Matrix-Trilogiefabian_brossdepdf
ErisianaErisianaweird of words in honor of the Greatest Goddess2010masks_of_erisbookenpdf
Apotheosis PsycheroticaApotheosis Psycheroticaor How Not to Build a Cult2006the_other_anonymousbookenpdf
Principia Discordia 4th EditionPrincipia Discordiaor How I Found Goddess And What I Did To Her When I Found Her: The Magnum Opiate Of Malaclypse The Younger, Wherein is Explained Absolutely Everything Worth Knowing About Absolutely Anything19704th Edition (Loompanics Edition adapted by 23 Apple of Eris)Malaclypse The Younger, Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurstbookenpdf
Passierschein A38Antragsformular für den Passierschein A34nach Rundschreiben B64 der Bundesbehörde für Rautavistik2018sebastian_morrformdeasterixpdf
Principia Discordia (Polish)Principia Discordiaczyli jak odnalazłem Bogimię i co jej wtedy zrobiłemv1.1bookplpdf
Advanced Time WizardsAdvanced Time Wizardsbeta with cardsdm_kroft, art_wizard, tggameendndpdf
Beyond ResistanceBeyond Resistancea revolutionary manifesto2006Fifth Editionenpdf
Black Iron Prison July2007 bookletThe Black Iron Prisona project in motion2007bookletenpdf
Intermittens 3 - WierdnessIntermittensWierdnessintermittens3magazineenpdf
Koans DiscordianosKoans DiscordianosUm guia aos mistérios Zen da Discórdiaptpdf
Voices of ChaosVoices of ChaosTimothy Bowen interviews the chaos makersenpdf
Discordian Calendar for 03182: The Sine of Eris and AliDiscordian Calendar for 03182The Sine of Eris and Alidiscordian_calendar3181The Sine of Eris and Alithe_other_anonymouscalendarenpdf
Principia Entropius Book 2Principia Entropius Book 2The Principia EntroHocusPocusentxt
Et Cetera DiscordiaEt Cetera DiscordiaThe Party At Limbo Peak / New Iterations of The Discordian Fractal2008, 2009baron_von_hoopla, cain, cainad, prof._cramulus, dirtyessence, ed_wilson, enrico_salazar, full_time_slacker, golden_applesauce, ignatious_dryroasted_chaffinch, lhx, lmno, malaclypse_the_tertiary, mangrove, nigel, p3nt4gr4m, payne, princess_madnonymus, princess_unicornia, ratatosk, rev.-what_s-his-name, reverend_loveshade, richter, scott_lynn_hamilton, sepia, 5hroom_bob_penta_pantz, the_good_reverend_roger, the_outer_myspace_discordians, undue, vexati0n, wes_unruh, william_s._burroughs, zarathud_s_prehensile_anusbookenpdf
SPAM: The Newletter of the Spamian Movement Of The Discordian Society (Issue #2)SPAMThe Newletter of the Spamian Movement Of The Discordian Societyspam_newsletterVol. 1 Issue 2newsletterentxt
SPAM: The Newletter of the Spamian Movement Of The Discordian Society (Issue #3)SPAMThe Newletter of the Spamian Movement Of The Discordian Societyspam_newsletteVol. 1 Issue 3newsletterentxt
The Gospel Discording to PayneThe Gospel Discording to PayneThe Motherfucking Messiahenpdf
Intermittens 5 - The Law of Fives edited by CainadIntermittensThe Law of Fives edited by Cainadintermittens5magazineenpdf
1979 Sears and Roebuck Catalog1979 Sears and Roebuck CatalogThe Finest Discordian Literatureenpdf
Intermittens - The Fail Whale Apocalypse and Other StoriesIntermittensThe Fail Whale Apocalypse and Other Storiesintermittensmagazineenpdf
Goetia DiscordiaGoetia DiscordiaThe Book of The Demons of The Region of Thudroldo_odlor, Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurstbookenpdf
Intermittens 8 - Self-RelianceIntermittensSelf-Relianceintermittens8magazineenpdf
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