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The Library currently has 389 resources listed in its catalogue. You can browse through the catalogue here.

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Entry TitleTitleSubtitleSeriesYearVersionIssueAuthor(s)Document TypeLanguageKeywords Filetype
Intermittens 11 - Post-Truth (Kindle)IntermittensVolume 11: Post-Truthintermittens3187Kindle (azw3)11magazine, periodicalenazw3
The Turkey CurseThe Turkey Cursetreatment, flyerentxt, cur
Black Iron Prison Booklet 2.0The Black Iron PrisonDiscordia Revisedothersbookendoc
Existence LabelsExistence Labelsendoc
Principia Entropius - docPrincipia Entropiusendoc
Bavarian Illuminati Letterhead (docx)Bavarian Illuminati Letterheadtemplate, document, formenilluminatidocx
RAW Primer (epub)The Anarchist’s Library - Robert Anton Wilson Primerrobert_anton_wilson, robert_sheabookenrobert_anton_wilson, rawepub
Black Iron Prison July2007 (epub)Black Iron Prison July2007a project in motion2007bookenepub
The Honest Book of Truth (epub)The Honest Book of Truth3135Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurstbookenorthodoxy, hbtepub
Intermittens 11 - Post-Truth (epub)IntermittensVolume 11: Post-Truthintermittens318711magazine, periodicalenepub
Principia Discordia HTMLPrincipia Discordia HTMLenhtm
Constructive Utopism V1.2 (lofi pics)Constructive Utopism2007V1.2falk_jbookde, enzip, htm
Discordian Code v1.3The Discordian Code v1.31.3mark_d._carabasscriptengeek_codehtml
discordia by synaptaclypsediscordia by synaptaclypseenjpg
Diskordianismus - Übersicht 4Diskordianismus: Eine Übersicht4gwendal_uguen, schohnsinfographic, graphic_articledeoverviewjpg
Diskordianismus - Übersicht 5Diskordianismus: Eine Übersicht5gwendal_uguen, schohnsinfographic, graphic_articledeoverviewjpg
FN OE EriskirchFN OE Eriskirchdejpg
Found CatFound Catenjpg
Rosa ElefantenRosa Elefantendejpg
Give Ubrellas!Give Ubrellas!enjpg
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