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Entry TitleTitleSubtitleSeries YearVersionIssueAuthor(s)Document TypeLanguageKeywordsFiletype
The Discordianist ManifestoThe Discordianist ManifestoOf All the Filthy Lies, These Are the Filthiest Because They’re Absolutely Opinions, More or Less, All Things Inconsiderately Considered, For Ever and Ever, Awomen, Praise Be to Hallelujah, with Condescendingly Explanatory Footnotes by THE AUTHOR, Who Selflessly Composed These Conditional Truths in Some Kind of One-Man Circle-Jerk, so If That Hasn’t Turned You Off Already, then Avert Thine Eyes and Read On - or - Dis Will Zur Macht, Yo31851.0professor_bumble-fuck_the_tiredbookenpdf
SerapenSerapenDiscordische Müthologie - Diktat der Göttin3184cpt._bucky_saiabook, booklet, flyer, pamphletdeflying_ape, flying_monkey, ormek, billbob, billbob_cipherpantspdf
Discordian Calendar for 03182: A Lack of DragonsDiscordian Calendar for 03182A Lack of Dragonsdiscordian_calendar3181A Lack of Dragonsthe_other_anonymouscalendarenpdf
Discordian Calendar for 03182: Eris and AliDiscordian Calendar for 03182Eris and Alidiscordian_calendar3181Eris and Alithe_other_anonymouscalendarenpdf
Discordian Calendar for 03182: The Sine of Eris and AliDiscordian Calendar for 03182The Sine of Eris and Alidiscordian_calendar3181The Sine of Eris and Alithe_other_anonymouscalendarenpdf
Dada Sheet 2Imtal QPQ High-Performance Grunderloomdada_sheet3167data_sheetenpdf
Dada Sheet 1Untel BBL665 Multi-purpose Frobnosticatordada_sheet3160data_sheetenpdf
Passierschein A38Antragsformular für den Passierschein A34nach Rundschreiben B64 der Bundesbehörde für Rautavistik2018sebastian_morrformdeasterixpdf
Holy Nonsense 2017 Letter PrintHoly Nonsense2017Print Version (Letter)q._g._pennyworthcollection, pamphlet, flyerenzip
Holy Nonsense 2017 Online EditionHoly Nonsense2017Online Editionq._g._pennyworthcollection, pamphlet, flyerenpdf
Party wenn Helmut Kohl stirbtParty wenn Helmut Kohl stirbt2016bwana_honoluluflyerdepng
Free Street FlyerFree Street Flyer2016paul_vermeerschflyerenholy_order_of_the_sasquatchpdf
Aktion 23 Treffen 2014Aktion 23 impformiertKöln heute geschlossen!2014bwana_honoluluflyer, collectiondepdf
Discordian Rooms - full compressedOn The Optimal Usafe of Storage Space2014enpdf
cryptoparty handbook 2013-08-21cryptoparty handbook 2013-08-212013enpdf
Black Iron Prison 2013The Black Iron PrisonCommon Walls2013bookenpdf
NSA - SchadensersatzSchadensersatzforderung an die NSA2013bwana_honoluluflyerdensapdf
NSA - ZirkusSPEKTAKEL in der eigenen PrivatsphäreEin Flugblatt gegen Überwachungswahn und verlogene Politik2013bwana_honoluluflyerdensapdf
The F.A.T. ManualThe F.A.T. Manual2013enpdf
Diskordianischer KalenderDiskordianischer Kalender2012ron_oxymomonospace_textdekalender, calendartxt
Discordian DevivalDiscordian Devival2011ucomsdaflyer, posterenpdf
End DiscriminationEnd discriminationDiversity makes us strongercorporations_as_legal_persons2011ucomsdaflyer_posterenpdf
The Prophets of the Main WayThe Prophets of the Main Way2011prof._cramulusbookenpdf
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