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The Library currently has 456 resources listed in its catalogue. You can browse through the catalogue here.

There's a problem with one of the cloud hosters right now who un-published several links to documents. We are working on fixing the issue, but it's a lot of work, basically rebuilding everything. Please have patience.

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Entry TitleTitleSubtitleSeries YearVersionIssueAuthor(s)Document TypeLanguageKeywordsFiletype
Discordian Calendar 3189 YoldDiscordian Calendar 3189 Yold3189drasticweevilcalendarenpdf
Disco Direct #00001Disco DirectThe Rise of Remulus the Magnificentdisco_direct3189#00001remulus_iii, cpt._bucky_saia, azu_d._stalin, kaliyath, bwana_honolulu, rosa_luna_erisiel, balthazaar_523, zlaxmagazine, periodicalenpdf
Disco Rd 3Disco Rddisco_rd31893leigh_wrightmagazine, periodicalenpdf
Mycelium Parish News 2022 (300dpi pages)Mycelium Parish Newsmycelium_parish_news3189300dpi pages2022the_walker, the_pillock, the_myceliumzine, periodical, magazineenuk, festival_23, the_klf, cosmic_triggerpdf
In The Shadows of Chapel PerilousIn The Shadows of Chapel Perilous3189dr._richard_waterloobook, booklet, pamphletenpdf
Maybe Day 2023Maybe Day 20233189gnothi, dr._richard_waterloobook, bookletenraw, robert_anton_wilsonpdf
Hymnus an die GöttinHymnus an die GöttinEin hymnischer Lobgesang zu Ehren der Göttin, die aus der Nacht kam.kgk3188layla_zarhymn, song, prayerdepdf
The Color TruthersThe Color Truthers3188the_aftermathematics_research_cabalbookenflat_earth, wavelengths, wave_slave, fester, conspiracy, conspiracy_theorypdf
Intermittens 11 - Post-Truth (epub)IntermittensVolume 11: Post-Truthintermittens318711magazine, periodicalenintermittens_xi, imxiepub
Intermittens 11 - Post-Truth (Kindle)IntermittensVolume 11: Post-Truthintermittens3187Kindle (azw3)11magazine, periodicalenintermittens_xi, imxiazw3
Intermittens 11 - Post-Truth (PDF)IntermittensVolume 11: Post-Truthintermittens3187PDF11magazine, periodicalenintermittens_xi, imxipdf
Intermittens 11 - Post-Truth (PDF b/w)IntermittensVolume 11: Post-Truthintermittens3187PDF b/w11magazine, periodicalenintermittens_xi, imxipdf
Intermittens 11 - Post-Truth (PDF Letter)IntermittensVolume 11: Post-Truthintermittens3187PDF U.S. Letter11magazine, periodicalenintermittens_xi, imxipdf
Erisian 00002ErisianIs it really a "hostile takeover" if noone is alive to be hostive towards you?erisian_magazine318700002magazine, periodicalenpdf
Statuten der Kirche des Grünen KängurusStatuten der Kirche des Grünen KängurusDie rechtliche Struktur der Kirche des Grünen Känguruskgk3187outis_so-tsi_gemsirt_der_unschluessigeconstitutiondepdf
Apokalypse des Scipio HaereticusApokalypse des Scipio HaereticusEine Gegendarstellung zur lächerlichen Widerlichkeit aus der Feder des falschen Propheten und tragischen Irren Outis So-Tsi Gemsirtkgk3187scipio_haereticusbookdepdf
Wer ist Layla Zar?Wer ist Layla Zar?kgk3187layla_zarbook, pamphlet, fragmentdepdf
Liber Paenitentiae DiscordiaeLiber Paenitentiae DiscordiaeTo Be Sung To The Whipkgk3187scipio_haereticusbookenpdf
Der BohnenkranzDer BohnenkranzAufbau und Gebrauch der diskordianischen Gebetskettekgk3187outis_so-tsi_gemsirt_der_unschluessigepamphlet, book, bookletderosenkranz, rosary, beanarypdf
Das Grosse GeheimnisDas Grosse Geheimniskgk3187layla_zarbook, pamphletdepdf
Sechs Minuten UnterhaltungSechs Minuten Unterhaltungkgk3187kirche_des_gruenen_kaengurusflyerdefacts, bucket_list, etymology, words, sudokupdf
Over Nine Billion Ways To Butcher Concepts And The Names Of Your Little Gods Too!Over Nine Billion Ways To Butcher Concepts And The Names Of Your Little Gods Too!Debriefing Dossiers, Passwords, De-Programming, & Fatal Strategies: Post-Neoism, Nihilism, ‘Pataphysics & Deconstruction3187pata-no_un_ltdbookenpdf
The Discordianist Manifesto 2The Discordianist Manifesto 2Only You Can Decide How What You'll Do When You're Where You Can For Why - or - Another Uninformative Tract Written By A Pope What Don't Know Jack About Nothin'the_discordianist_manifesto31872.02professor_bumble-fuck_the_tiredbookenpdf
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