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The Library currently has 354 resources listed in its catalogue. You can browse through the catalogue here.

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Entry TitleTitleSubtitleSeriesYearVersionIssueAuthor(s)Document TypeLanguage KeywordsFiletype
The Zenarchist's CookbookThe Zenarchist's Cookbookbookenzenarchypdf
Artikel Jam the WLANJam the WLANpierre_kroma, sebastian_schreibermanualdehack, hacking, wifipdf
Codex AsteroideaCodex Asteroideanede_e_lym_von_lengbookdestarfish_cultpdf
Death By LaughterDeath By Laughtertreatment, flyerensaintspdf
A Discordian Wedding (Image Version)A Discordian WeddingImage Versiontreatmentenrites, ritualspdf
A Discordian Wedding (Text Version)A Discordian WeddingText Versiontreatmentenrites, ritualspdf
RAW PrimerThe Anarchist’s Library - Robert Anton Wilson Primerrobert_anton_wilson, robert_sheabookenrobert_anton_wilson, rawpdf
RAW Primer (epub)The Anarchist’s Library - Robert Anton Wilson Primerrobert_anton_wilson, robert_sheabookenrobert_anton_wilson, rawepub
Musings of a Faceless ManMusings of a Faceless Manbookenpoetry, poems, doodles, prosepdf
Principia OrdiaPrincipia Ordiabookenordered, principia_discordiatxt
APPD Berlin Wahlprogramm 2011MEHR! für Berlin!APPD Berlin - Wahlprogramm zu den Wahlen in Berlin 2011bookletdepoliticspdf
Memoirs of a DaydreamerMemoirs of a Daydreamertimothy_bowenbookenpoetry, poemspdf
The Principles of Discordian MagickThe Principles of Discordian MagickA Very Loose Discussion by Lord Falgan, F.M., K.S.C. Novus Ordo Seclorum Erisiumlord_falgantreatmentenmagic, phooltxt
A Chaos Marxism PrimerA Chaos Marxism Primerdolores_lapicho, prof_cramulusbookenmagick, chaos, philosophypdf
101 Ways to Make Everybody's Day Weirder101 Ways to Make Everybody's Day Weirderbooklet, pamphlet, flyerenoperation_mindfuckpdf
Om-Nom-Nomicon-July-2010Om Nom Nomicon2010bookenomnomnomiconpdf
NSA - SchadensersatzSchadensersatzforderung an die NSA2013bwana_honoluluflyerdensapdf
NSA - ZirkusSPEKTAKEL in der eigenen PrivatsphäreEin Flugblatt gegen Überwachungswahn und verlogene Politik2013bwana_honoluluflyerdensapdf
The Callipygian GrimoireThe Callipygian GrimoireDiscordian Activity & Spell Bookpope_kingyakbookenmagicpdf
1979 Sears and Roebuck Catalog1979 Sears and Roebuck CatalogThe Finest Discordian Literaturetimothy_bowenpamphlet, collection, flyerenrustle, jimmiespdf
Hoax Magazine Interview With Ken CampbellHoax Magazine Interview With Ken Campbell1994john_c.s._quelinterviewenilluminatuspdf
Bavarian Illuminati LetterheadBavarian Illuminati Letterheadtemplate, document, formenilluminatipdf
Bavarian Illuminati Letterhead (docx)Bavarian Illuminati Letterheadtemplate, document, formenilluminatidocx
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