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Entry TitleTitleSubtitleSeriesYearVersion IssueAuthor(s)Document TypeLanguageKeywordsFiletype
The Official Erisian Heresy Newsletter Volume 1The Official Erisian Heresy NewsletterVolume 1newsletterentxt
SPAM: The Newletter of the Spamian Movement Of The Discordian Society (Issue #3)SPAMThe Newletter of the Spamian Movement Of The Discordian Societyspam_newsletteVol. 1 Issue 3newsletterentxt
SPAM: The Newletter of the Spamian Movement Of The Discordian Society (Issue #2)SPAMThe Newletter of the Spamian Movement Of The Discordian Societyspam_newsletterVol. 1 Issue 2newsletterentxt
A Discordian Directory Nr. 24A Discordian DirectoryNr. 24the_bavarian_illuminati_tennessee_chapter_headquartersmagazineenpdf
Intermittens 9 - PhobiaIntermittensPhobiaintermittens9magazineenpdf
Intermittens 8 - Self-RelianceIntermittensSelf-Relianceintermittens8magazineenpdf
Intermittens 7 - OMIntermittensOMintermittens7magazineenpdf
Intermittens 6 - Lesser PoopIntermittensLesser Poopintermittens6magazineenpdf
Intermittens 5 - The Law of Fives edited by CainadIntermittensThe Law of Fives edited by Cainadintermittens5magazineenpdf
Intermittens 3 - WierdnessIntermittensWierdnessintermittens3magazineenpdf
Intermittens 2 - Elements of New DiscordiaIntermittensElements of New Discordiaintermittens2magazineenpdf
Intermittens 11 - ITBIntermittensITBintermittens11magazineenpdf
Intermittens 10 - MeatspaceIntermittensMeatspaceintermittens10magazineenpdf
Intermittens 1.23Intermittensintermittens1.23magazineenpdf
Intermittens 1.23 hiResIntermittensintermittenshiRes1.23magazineenpdf
Something I Eight?Something I Eight?bernard_kingentxt
The Cardinal Rites of ChaosThe Cardinal Rites of Chaos1984paula_paganientxt
Passierschein A38Antragsformular für den Passierschein A34nach Rundschreiben B64 der Bundesbehörde für Rautavistik2018sebastian_morrformdeasterixpdf
SerapenSerapenDiscordische Müthologie - Diktat der Göttin3184cpt._bucky_saiabook, booklet, flyer, pamphletdeflying_ape, flying_monkey, ormek, billbob, billbob_cipherpantspdf
Akte 23Akte 23bratislav_metulevskiecollectiondeaktion_23pdf
Principia Discordia 4th EditionPrincipia Discordiaor How I Found Goddess And What I Did To Her When I Found Her: The Magnum Opiate Of Malaclypse The Younger, Wherein is Explained Absolutely Everything Worth Knowing About Absolutely Anything19704th Edition (Loompanics Edition adapted by 23 Apple of Eris)Malaclypse The Younger, Lord Omar Khayyam Ravenhurstbookenpdf
Diskordianischer KalenderDiskordianischer Kalender2012ron_oxymomonospace_textdekalender, calendartxt
101 Ways to Make Everybody's Day Weirder101 Ways to Make Everybody's Day Weirderenoperation_mindfuckpdf
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